1979, 117 mins
Personal Stills

Julian Kay is a highly paid gigolo in Los Angeles. As a favour to a friend, Leon Jaimes, he agrees to an assignment with a married couple, the Rymans, which takes a sado-masochistic turn. He also becomes involved with Michelle, the wife of a Californian senator. When Mrs Ryman is murdered, suspicion falls on Julian. The rich woman who could provide him with an alibi refuses to acknowledge him, and Julian realizes that he has been framed. He is imprisoned, and his position looks hopeless until Michelle defies her husband and commits herself to Julian's defence, finally convincing him of her love.

Producers: Freddie Fields, Jerry Bruckheimer
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: John Bailey
Editor: Richard Halsey
Visual consultant: Ferdinando Scarfiotti

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