1999, 121 mins

Frank Pierce, a New York ambulance driver who works the graveyard shift, is close to cracking up. We see him over three successive nights with fellow drivers Larry, Marcus and Tom. Frank revives Mr Burke from a heart attack and rushes him to Our Lady of Mercy hospital wbere he is put on life support. Frank still feels guilt about the death of Rose, a young woman whose ghostly face he sees everywhere. He begins to fall for former drug-user Mary, Mr Burke's daughter, and tries unsuccessfully to get himself fired. With Mary he visits drug dealer Cy; they both take powerful drugs, and Frank experiences macabre hallucinations. Back at the ER, Frank hears the voice of Mr Burke, begging to be allowed to die. Frank is called to help Cy, who has been impaled on a railing by a gang. Frank almost allows Tom to beat up local drug casualty Noel, but repents at the last minute. He returns to the ER and allows Mr Burke to die peacefully. He goes to tell Mary the news; she invites him in and cradles him as he drifts towards sleep.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Barbara De Fina, Scott Rudin
Co-producers: Eric Steel, Joseph Reidy
Screenplay: Paul Schrader, from tHe novel by Joe Connelly
Cinematography: Robert Richardson
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Production designer: Dante Ferretti

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