1981, 118 mins
Personal Stills

Irena Gallier comes to New Orleans to live with her brother Paul, from whom she has been separated since childhood. Paul speaks of their strange family heritage and his belief that he and Irena belong together. Terrified, she rejects his advances. That night, transformed into a black leopard, Paul attacks a prostitute before being tranquillized and captured by Oliver, curator of the local zoo. Oliver subsequently meets Irena, is attracted to her and offers her a job. The captured leopard wounds a keeper, escapes and changes back into Paul, who explains to Irena that they can mate only with each other since sex with a human changes them into beasts. After committing further slaughter, Paul is shot dead. Oliver, now aware of the curse, makes love to Irena while she is bound. He has a new addition to the zoo...

Producers: jerry Bruckheimer, Charles Fries
Screenplay: Alan Ormsby, based on the script by DeWitt Bodeen
Cinematography: John Bailey (New Orleans), Paul Vom Brack
Editors: Bud Smith, Jacqueline Cambas, Ned Humphreys, Jere Huggins
Visual consultant: Ferdinando Scarfiotti

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