1996, 111 mins

Kevin Calhoun is right-hand man to charismatic New York city Mayor John Pappas. Six-year- old James Bone is killed by a stray bullet during a street shootout between Eddie Santos, an undercover narcotics cop, and Tino Zapatti, a small-time drug dealer. Pappas speaks at the boy's funeral and defuses a potential race riot. But Calhoun learns that Tino Zapatti was the son of mafioso Paul Zapatti and had been granted five years' probation under suspicious circumstances. Digging deeper, he uncovers collusion between the Mafia, Judge Walter Stern, and Frank Anselmo, head of the South Brooklyn Democratic Club. Assisting Calboun is Marybetb Cogan, an attorney representing Santos's widow, who wants to find out why the cop's pension is being withheld. Cogan draws Calhoun deeper into a scandal that undermines his belief in all that he has previously worked for.

Director: Harold Becker
Producers: Edward R. Pressman, Charles Mulvehill, Harold Becker, Ken Lipper
Screenplay: Ken Lipper and Paul Schrader & Nicholas Pileggi and Bo Goldman
Cinematography: Michael Seresin, Jamie Silverstein
Editor: David Bretherton, Robert C. Jones
Production designer: Jane Musky

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