1999, 115 mins
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1987: Manuel Esquema, an international financier whose face is badly scarred, sits aboard a flight from Miami to New York. 1973: Alan Riply is a student working as a cabana boy at a Miami Beach resort. He falls deeply in love with Ella Brice, a young honeymooner vacationing with her husband Mark, an aspiring politician. They begin a passionate affair, but when Mark learns what has gone on, he has Alan arrested on trumped-up charges, then shot in the face and left for dead. But Alan escapes back to Miami and enters the drug trade with his friend Javier. 1987: Esquema is Alan, his face reconstructed. Mark has worked his way up from crooked construction deals to a seat on the city council. But Manuel and Javier meet him as he is about to be indicted for fraud, and faces a long Federal prison sentence. Mark doesn't recognize Esquema as Alan, nor does Ella. But when they get together again, he reveals who he is and the romantic sparks start over.

Producer: Damita Nikopota, Kathleen Haase, Amy J. Kaufman
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: John Bailey
Editor: Kristina Boden
Music: Angelo Badalamenti
Production designer: Francois Seguin

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