1978, 108 mins
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Jake VanDorn, a prosperous furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sees his daughter Kristen off to California for a Calvinist convention and is horrified when he hears that she has gone missing. He travels to Los Angeles and hires a private investigator, Andy Mast, who returns to Grand Rapids with a reel of pornographic film featuring Kristen. VanDorn takes up the search himself by posing as a pornographic film producer and, with the help of a prostitute, Niki, traces Kristen to San Francisco where she is in the hands of Ratan, who makes snuff movies. When Mast and VanDorn finally find them, Ratan is shot by Mast and Kristen leaves with her father.

Producers: John Milius, Buzz Feitshans
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: Michael Chapman
Editor: Tom Rolf
Production designer: Paul Sylbert

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