1987, 107 mins
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Cleveland, Ohio. Joe Rasnick and his sister Patti are lead performers in a group called The Barbusters. Joe works in a local factory, Patti has an illegitimate four-year-old son and is at loggerheads with her religious mother. When Patti steals some electrical equipment, Joe is confronted at work by the victim's brother-in-law and has to borrow money from their mother. After being laid off at work, Joe takes The Barbusters on a tour of the Midwest in winter but the tour ends when Joe is shocked at Patti's shoplifting. The Barbusters break up and Patti goes on the road with a heavy-metal band instead. Their mother is taken ill and proves to have incurable cancer. Patti returns from a concert and has an emotional reunion with her mother. At the funeral it seems that Patti will not put in an appearance until she is confronted by Joe. After paying respects to her mother, Patti joins Joe and the re-formed Barbusters on stage.

Producers: Doug Claybourne, Rob Cohen, Keith Barish, Alan Mark Poul
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: John Bailey
Editor: Jacqueline Cambas, Jill Savitt

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