1992, 103 mins

John LeTour works as a drug deliverer to a range of clients in Manhattan, but his boss Ann hopes to move into a legitimate cosmetics business. He re-encounters Marianne, whom he loved and lost because of past drug use; but she shuns his company, claiming to be clean and sober. Anxious, with plainclothes cop Guidone on his-tail, LeTour consults psychic Teresa who sees an aura of death around him. Visiting a hospital to deliver valium to Tis, Ann's Swiss 'ecstasy connection', LeTour again runs into Marianne, visiting her dying mother; they make love in a hotel, but she deserts him. Delivering to Tis's apartment, LeTour finds Marianne, the worse for drugs. As he leaves the hotel, she falls to her death. LeTour fingers Tis to Guidone. Ann tells LeTour Tis has asked to see him: LeTour is wary, so Ann accompanies him to Tis's hotel, where they find him flanked by armed goons. Ann stages a distraction and LeTour shoots Tis dead. Ann visits LeTour in prison and they acknowledge their love for one another.

Producer: Linda Reisman
Co-producer: G. Mac Brown
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: Ed Lachman
Editor: Kristina Boden
Production designer: Richard Hornung

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