1976, 98 mins

New Orleans, 1959. Michael Courtland's wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Amy, are kidnapped and held ransom. Michael is persuaded by the police to trace the kidnappers through a scheme involving fake money but the plan appears to backfire and Amy and Elizabeth are killed. 1975: Michael joins his partner, Robert, on a business trip to Florence where he meets a woman, Sandra, who looks exactly like the late Elizabeth. She accompanies him home and agrees to marry him. On the eve of the wedding she disappears and he receives a replica of the original ransom note. Trying to pay the demands, he contacts Robert to sell out his interest in their partnership, only to find that he is carrying fake bills again. Sandra is in fact Amy, who was sent to Italy by Robert in 1959 and has joined Robert in swindling Michael as an act of revenge;, believing that he had knowingly condemned her and her mother to death. But Michael kills Robert when the latter boasts of his triumph, and is joyfully reunited with his daughter.

Director: Brian De Palma
Producers: Robert S. Bremson, George Litto, Harry N. Blum
Screenplay: Paul Schrader, Brian De Palma
Cinematography: Vilmos Zsigmond
Editor: Paul Hirsch

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