1980, 129 mins

New York, 194I. Middleweight boxer Jake La Motta, managed by his brother Joey, forsakes his wife when he falls for teenager Vickie, whom he marries but treats with constant jealous suspicion. By following underworld advice, La Motta becomes world champion when he beats Marcel Cerdan in 1949. La Motta's increasing weight problem and obsessional rages lead him to beat up his wife and Joey, believing both to have been unfaithful. After a brutal defeat by 'Sugar' Ray Robinson, La Motta opens a night club in 1956. Vickie finally leaves him, and he is arrested for soliciting minors and sent to jail. Back in New York in 1958, he unsuccessfully attempts to make up with his brother, and six years later is found giving recitations in a club.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Irwin Winkler, Roben Chanoff in association with Peter Savage
Screenplay: Paul Schrader, Maldik Martin, from A book by La Motta w. Caner, Savage
Cinematography: Michael Chapman
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Production designer: Gene Rudolf

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