1975, 113 mins

Personal Stills

Travis Bickle takes up driving a taxi in New York in search of an escape from his sleeplessness and disgust with the corruption he finds around him. After failing to begin a romance with the beautifuI Betsy, who is working on the election campaign of presidential candidate Charles Palantine, Bickle's pent-up rage leads him to buy a set of guns. While training himself to use them, he meets a teenage prostitute, Iris, and becomes determined to rescue her from her sordid profession. Foiled in his attempt to assassinate Palantine, he goes to Iris's room and kills the men who 'own' her. Failing to commit suicide after this ritual act, Bickle becomes a hero in the press, and returns to driving a taxi.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Producers: Michael Phillips, Julia Phillips
Screenplay: Paul Schrader
Cinematography: Michael Chapman
Editors: Marcia Lucas, Tom Rolf, Melvin Shapiro

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