1997, 96 mins
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Juvenal, nee Charles Lawson, is a lapsed Franciscan monk who winds up in Los Angeles, counselling alcoholics at the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Centre. He has stigmatic powers and can heal people with his touch. When word of Juvenal's gift gets out, everyone wants a piece of him: fanatical right-wing Catholic leader August Murray, who sees Juvenal as the key to taking his movement national; Bill Hill, a smooth-talking former evangelist who now sells RVs for a living and hopes to sell Juvenal; and Debra Lusanne, a TV talk show host who wants to expose Juvenal as a fraud on live television. Hill manages to snare Juvenal with the help of a former associate, Lynn Faulkner, but Lynn falls for Juvenal and has second thoughts about exploiting him. Murray sees Lynn as a corrupting influence on Juvenal and is determined to free him of her.

Producers: Lila Cazes, Fida Attieh
Co-producers: Llewellyn Wells
Screenplay: Paul Schrader, based on the novel by Elmore Leonard
Cinematography: Ed Lachman
Editor: Cara Silverman
Production designer: David Wasco

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